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Two-Speed Idle Test 


     All light duty gas vehicles that are model years 1988 and newer need to be tested.  Light duty gas vehicles between model years 1988 and 1997 will be put through a two-speed idle test (TSI).  During this test the vehicle's emissions (hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide) will be tested by a probe that is inserted into the tailpipe.


     Some SUV's and pickup trucks fall into the TSI category as well if they are between 3857kg and 4500kg and from model years 1988 to 2006.


     Heavy duty gas vehicles (4500kg GVWR or more) will also receive a TSI test.


On-Board Diagnostic System Test (OBD-II)

     Light duty gas vehicles from model years 1998 and newer will receive an OBD-II test.  During the test the emissions test unit will be plugged into the vehicle's OBD-II connector and will check the emissions system for any faults.


     For information on testing a vehicle while the engine light is on please visit Drive Clean's website.


Opacity Test


     Heavy duty diesel vehicles will receive an opacity test.  This test measures the smoke density of the vehicles exhaust.


     Some heavy duty vehciles from model years 2007 and newer also have an OBD-II system and will receive both a TSI or opacity test as well as an advisory OBD-II check.  This OBD-II check does not impact the results of the test.


     Heavy duty gas and diesel vehicles (4500kg GVWR or more) need to be tested regardless of their model year.




     We book appointments for emissions tests every half-hour throughout the day Monday to Friday between 7:30am and 5:00pm.  Please give us a call at (613) 831-1304 for information on the test program or to book an appointment.


Test Fees


     Light duty vehicle initial test*: $30.00 plus tax ($33.90) *Free After April 1, 2017

     Light duty vehicle retest: $17.50 plus tax ($19.78)

     Heavy duty vehicle test: $92.92 plus tax ($105.00)


     For more information on the Drive Clean program or to find out if your vehicle needs a test please visit the Drive Clean website.

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