Why Should You Buy From Us?

  • You are buying a vehicle that was hand picked
    by a veteran licensed automotive technician.
  • The vehicle was thoroughly inspected by our
    qualified staff.
  • We run our vehicles through a series of
    searches and checks regardng the history,
    so we can provide you with all the
    information you need to know about the
    vehicle BEFORE you buy.
  • The searches and checks we run include
    The UCDA AutoCheck for Accident Reports
    and The UCDA Lien Search.
    UCDA Auto Check     UCDA Lien Search
    These checks provide information regarding:
    » Branding (Stolen, Salvage, Non-Repairable,

    » Liens (All Enforceable Liens Across

    » Odometer Fraud
    » Accident Claims
    » Registration Records
    » Insurance Coverage and Claim History
    » Vehicle Accident History
  • We will disclose all known material
    facts given by the searches listed above.
  • If the vehicle was a trade-in (not hand
    picked), it goes through a major inspection
    and only the ones that meet our standards
    will be offered for retail sale. Others
    will be disposed of to wholesale buyers
    and will be sold as-is only.
  • If you wish we will arrange financing
    at the best possible rate at that time
    on approved credit.
  • For the commercial buyer who purchases
    a truck certified over 4,500kg, we will
    supply an annual safety sticker and a drive
    clean certificate (diesel vehicles only).
    A CVOR form is available by
    calling MTO Office at 1-800-387-7736.
  • We will transfer the ownership and plate
    the vehicle for the purchaser at their expense.

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